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Pastaaaa~ (Welcome xD)

:star:Read BEFORE SUBMIT ANYTHING!:star: about the Gallery Folders.

Welcome to a group dedicated to Feliciano Vargas (Veneziano / N. Italy) and Ludwig Beilschmidt (Germany) couple from Axis Powers Hetalia.

:iconchibinitalyplz: For join, go to "Join our group" button.

:iconchibinitalyplz: For Submissions, chose the correct folder from the gallery, click on it, then press in "Submit to this Folder", chose your deviation, and click "ok".

:iconchibigermanyplz: RULES :iconchibigermanyplz:

:bulletblack: The art must be yours, don't steal (you're not allowed to submit art that contains any official image either, but in stamps are allowed). This include MMD, bases and motivational posters.

:bulletred: Submit Feliciano (North Italy/Veneziano/Chibitalia) and Ludwig(Germany/Holy Roman Empire) arts ONLY. Also could be Ludwig solo or Feliciano solo. But in this group we don't accept Ludwig with another couple that isn't Feliciano and vice versa.

:bulletyellow: We accept other Hetalia characters or Fancharacters only if they are with Ludwig and Feliciano together (both must be there as main characters/couple as possible).

•••►. Chibitalia x Holy Roman Empire (HRE)is allowed :)
Feliciano (seme) x Ludwig (uke) is allowed too.

•••► We also accept Genderbent, but only the Nyotalia version (Genderbent Hetalia version, officially created by Himaruya).

•••► Nekotalia is accepted too (Catalia, if the world was about cats), even though these cats aren't Ludwig and Feliciano, just Doitsu Neko (Germany cat) and Gino/Itaria Neko (Italy cat).
Mochis version are also allowed.

:bulletred: We won't accept another kind of representation of these characters (Dogs, wolves, another animal, food-ish form, only flags, maps, etc.).

•► About Mature Content tag: You can add pics/fics/fancomics only with mature content (not cosplay, sorry), as long as they are allowed in dA and don't break these rules:
FAQ #305: Is posting 'Adult' oriented artwork alright if I censor it first?
FAQ #23: What are DeviantArt policies on nudity?
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

All these entries should go in the Mature Content folder.
:note: We accept Mpreg, but our priority is show this couple in the more "realistic" way possible. (We all know "normal"men can't get pregnant XD).

:bulletred: Remember that you can submit only 2 (two) submissions per week.

<< Please, submit ONLY your own art >>
<< ONLY members can post art >>

:bulletred:QUALITY RULE

Try to submit your best piece. That means:check the quality of the pic:

► Your pic must show effort put in it. Isn't necessary to be a coloured pic.

► If you made a fanart in traditional media, but you don't have scanner and took a photo, make sure it's focused, that isn't dark, and it's well centered in the pic. If your art doesn't have it, please, try to fix it, with photoshop or similar programs. Here at dA are tons of tutorials about it :)

► Don't submit just doodles things in lined paper.

► Also, please, don't submit WIPs here, finish the pic before ^^.

• If your art was declined, that does not mean "your art sucks", but take it as a constructive critic for submit it in better quality (of the pic, not the style) next time ^^. DeviantART is a community for learn and share, isn't it? You can ask before submiting.

:star::bulletred: Read the special rule for Fanfictions and Fancomics or Doujinshi!!!! :bulletred::star:

:star:The gallery now is divided by these folders::star:

:pointr: Ludwig x Feliciano : Here go only fanarts of Ludwig x Feliciano as couple. Digital or traditional drawings, no cosplay, no fancomic and no fanfictions here, please!.
Note: Adult LudxFeli dressed as HrexChibitalia go here.

:pointr: Holy Roman Empire x Chibitalia : Here go only fanarts of HRE x Chibitalia as couple. Digital or traditional drawings, no cosplay, no fancomic and no fanfictions here, please!.

:pointr: Ludwig. HRE : Here go only fanarts of Ludwig or HRE solo or both together. Digital or traditional drawings, again no cosplay, no fancomic and no fanfictions here, please!.

:pointr: Feliciano. Chibitalia : Here go only fanarts of Feliciano or Chibitalia solo or both in the same pic... Digital or traditional drawings. Remember: no cosplay, no fancomic and no fanfictions here, please!.

:pointr: In Group : What goes here?? Ludwig and Feliciano with another character(s); HRE and Chibitalia with another character(s); Threesome accepted :D. Only FANARTs.

:pointr: Nekotalia + Mochis: Germany cat x Gino (Italy cat) pics go here. Mochitalia pics go here too.
If there are Ludwig x Feliciano with the cats, its still go under Lud x Feli.
If there is Feli with one of the cats, go under Feliciano folder; the same with Ludwig... :)
Same thing for the Mochi pics.

:pointr: Cosplay : Here go only cosplays of Ludwig x Feli, Ludwig solo, Feli solo, Chibitalia x HRE or both solo, other Hetalia character are not allowed (but if there is a Lud x Feli and Japan, for example, is allowed).
Casual Cosplays are not allowed. We'll accept cosplays only if they are dressed with canon hetalia clothes of Ludwig and Feliciano (HRE and Chibitalia). A wig with the curl or a blonde hair combed are not enough!!. But if they are disguised and there is not the curl, is ok.

:pointr: Fanfictions : Here go only fanfictions of Ludwig x Feli or HRE x Chibitalia (Or both couple together), other Hetalia characters are not allowed (Only if the main pairing is Lud x Feli or HRE x Chibitalia).
:bulletred::bulletred: NOTE: Since it has reached its limit, fanfictions should go to the "FANFICTIONS II" folder.

:pointr: Fancomic - Doujinshi : Here go only Fancomics or doujinshi of Lud x Feli or HRE x Chibitalia.

:pointr: Sketches + Linearts: Here should go sketches -but they still must follow the Quality standard-. Is not a work in progress folder, but sketchdumps and doodles should go here... Can be coloured pics or greyscale pics too... Also, lineart go here, but if you update this pic, please, remove the lineart one and re-submit the finished one to the regular folders.

:pointr: Mature Content : R-16 / R-18 pics go here. SHOTA IS NOT ALLOWED!!!

:pointr: Animation - videos: Submit your videos here!! ^_^

:pointr: Misc. : If you have any papercraft, stamp, or meme, or another things that don't match in the other folders, go here :)
But, If we don't see Ludwig and/or Feliciano (in all its forms*) in the entry, it won't be accepted: So, only flags, maps won't be accepted, a potato and a pizza won't be accepted :P, etc...
*That means: Their human canon version, Nyotalia, Nekotalia and Mochis.
Dogs, wolves, food-ish form, etc. won't be accepted.

:pointr: Old Contest Entries: Here will be the entries of the contest we'll have :D

For submit, in the front page are access to all the folders, click on the one you want, and then go to "Submit to this folder" button :)

Read more about the Gallery Folders.

:bulletgreen: We are listed at… (clubSearch):bulletred:



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Gallery Folders

So, finally, Himaruya made a strip about it :D :D
It's the Hetalia World Stars ep. 12 and you can read it here: (Not Lud x Feli this time, it's Ludwig's story,about his birth, and features Gilbert and Roderich... And like other 47 german siblings xD). So cute! I won't give any spoiler about a certain theory some fans have about Ludwig ^^.… (Translated to English)… (RAW)

I know I didn't add the other chapters here. But all I can say that Ludwig x Feliciano can't be any gayer :XD: I love it!
If you missed any chapter, don't forget you can read them here:… (Official site. RAW).… (Translated to English).

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